Christmas trees growing in snowy field in Essex, UK

The best ways to take home the Christmas tree


carrying home the christmas tree tips from slamseys Christmas tree farm


If you’ve never bought a real Christmas tree before then you may be worrying about how to transport it home. After all, a six-foot high tree with branches that stick out takes up a lot of room.


Christmas tree netting machine

Fear not. If you visit a Christmas tree farm, you can be sure that they’ll have a netting machine that transforms an unwieldy tree to a compact tube, which can be loaded into your car.


Buy your Christmas tree from a reputable supplier, who will net your Christmas tree, making it easy for you to transport.

Empty the car before you go to collect your tree. Don’t try to fit in a Christmas tree on your way home from a shopping trip.

If you have a hatchback or estate car, fold down the back seats. If you’re not sure how to do this, work it out in the comfort of your front drive and not at the Christmas tree farm, surrounded by excited children and passers by offering words of wisdom.

Protect the car upholstery with a dust sheet or similar. The tree may be slightly damp, the trunk can sometimes leave green scuff marks and you’re bound to lose a few needles as you manoeuvre the tree in and out of the car.

Put the tree in so that the top of it points forward. The base of the trunk is very solid and can be used to wedge the tree securely in the boot.


Over the years we’ve seen Christmas trees disappearing down the drive in various ways.

Carrying home the Christmas tree Duplo man

One year, a chap turned up on a bicycle and strapped the tree to his saddle and wheeled it away (though he hasn’t been back with his bike since). There are a few families who regularly walk here and carry their tree back between them, some people arrive in a large van while others tow a small trailer. Possibly the most romantic, especially if there’s snow, is the family that pile into a trailer that’s towed by a vintage tractor.

Carrying home the Christmas tree in a toy convertible car

Convertible cars seem another popular option; once the roof is lowered, the tree can be slid into the front seat and safely strapped into place. Unfortunately, this usually means the passenger has to walk home.

Carrying home the Christmas tree on a Land Rover
But for many people, the only way to carry home the Christmas Tree is to strap it to the top of the car. Christmas music playing on the stereo is compulsory along with Christmas jumpers and festive hats.

Slamseys Christmas Tree Barn opens 1st December 2017. Full details on our website.
Ideas for transporting your Christmas tree from Slamseys Christmas Tree Farm


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