Blue green jelly print of spring leaves and flowers

Learn How to Make Monoprints with Jelly Printing

How to make monoprints Jelly Printing text with jelly printed jug below

Jelly printing or Printing without a Press or Monoprinting with a gelatine plate is a bit random as there’s no guarantee that when you peel back the paper you’ll get exactly the print you were expecting. Also, the jelly plate changes over time as it develops tiny holes or dries out slightly, which means that you’re unlikely to get identical prints.

Jelly print of leaves. Green layered over red and yellow.

You can make jelly prints of flowers and leaves.


Jugs and flowers jelly print

You can combine plants with cut out stencils for interesting compositions and add texture and marks with found objects like Lego blocks.


Jelly print of bracken collected on walk near Hampstead Norreys

Try masking areas with strips of paper.

Learn how to make monoprints with a jelly plate at our Jelly Printing workshops in The Barley Barn at Slamseys.  If you’d like to be one of the first to know of new courses,  sign up to our newsletter.

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Tutorial for mono printing with a jelly plate (gelli plate) using leaves and flowers to make unique handmade botanical prints.

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