Autumn display of fruit, vegetables, seed heads, wreath in The Barley Barn at Slamseys

Collect, Inspire, Create

Collect, inspire and create in October or should I change the title?

Autumn arrangement of squashes, apples, quince in The Barley Barn at Slamseys


We’ve been collecting autumnal things to decorate The Barley Barn and Ruth has been running autumn themed printmaking workshops for which her students bring in things that remind them of autumn to inspire their printmaking. One person got out her great granny’s cookery notes and made some autumnal gingerbread while others have brought in collections of fruits and vegetables, fabrics, ornaments, colour swatches and wonderful sketches. All of these different collections have been used as inspiration for some interesting printmaking and perfectly fulfil the criteria: collect, inspire, create.

On the other hand …


Autumn leaves, ivy, rosehips, crab apples, sloes, hawthorn berries, sweet chestnuts, snowberries, oak leaves

… I have simply been faffing around with my autumn collections. Hence, an ephemeral collection of autumn loveliness. Green leaves, ivy flowers, rosehips, crab apples, sloes, hawthorn berries, sweet chestnut cases, snowberries and oak leaves.

October circle of autumn leaves and berries

An October circle of autumn leaves and berries.

fudgy apple slice

Some autumn inspired cooking for The Barley Barn with this Fudgy Apple Slice. For those days when you can’t decide if you want biscuits or cake, this is a shortbread base with sponge topping and fruit. There’s a colour coded recipe [here] with suggestions for apples, blackberries or pears.

I discovered #foreverfaffing on Instagram. On reflection, it would be a far more suitable title for the post.

5 thoughts on “Collect, Inspire, Create

  1. I really love this Anne. How wonderful to gather together people with their autumnal things! Your collection is impressive and includes many things I have not seen before such as snowberries. That slice looks perfectly fudgy. I am off to checkout #foreverfaffing.

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