Christmas 2017 decorating theme metallic and dark blue

Is it too early to mention Christmas?

It does seem premature to mention Christmas at the beginning of November but Christmas celebrations seem to get earlier every year. Fifteen years ago, our best-selling day for Christmas trees was a mid-December Saturday but that’s moved forward to the first weekend of December. Similarly, our commercial customers now want their trees delivered in the third week of November, which seems incredibly early. The world of Christmas decorations is even worse. This morning, an invitation popped through the door to visit the showrooms of one of our suppliers at the beginning of December. To view the Christmas 2018 range of decorations. Yes, 2018. Before we’ve even had Christmas 2017.

Father Christmas and caravan decoration

Our Christmas decorations shop opens on Friday, so over the past couple of weeks, The Barley Barn has been transformed from spartan printmaking classroom to a sparkling Christmassy barn. Consequently, I’m quite glittered out. We ordered our stock back in January, so as we’ve worked our way through the pallet loads of cardboard boxes, we’ve sometimes been surprised by the contents. Usually, it’s a good surprise, though occasionally we wonder what possessed us to order such vast quantities of a product. Mainly we wonder why we’re so attracted to snow globes.

engraved metal Christmas baubles
My favourite Christmas 2017 decorating trend is the modern take on metallic. The popularity of the traditional Christmas mix of red, green and yellow gold has declined over the years, overtaken by cool whites and bright silvers with a splash of red, perhaps influenced by hygge and Scandi style interiors. But this year, metallic colours are back with a vengeance.

copper Christmas baubles with dark blue baubles

Rose gold, copper, pewter and bronze are bigger than ever this year, perhaps fuelled by the fact they’re popping up in interiors everywhere. Did you see Nigella’s copper coloured mixer on her latest TV show? Apparently, John Lewis sold out of copper Kitchen Aid mixers online within ten minutes of the show finishing.

Christmas 2017 metallic decorations are textured and glittery, ranging from dull to super shiny. I love them mixed with deep blues and greys. This may be because we’ve been picking sloes to make sloe gin and the dusky blue of the sloes have been imprinted on my mind. It’s certainly a welcome relief from the minimalistic white of past trends.

Hand-picked sloes for Slamseys Sloe Gin

Have you even started to think about your Christmas decorations? What influences your colour scheme?

25 thoughts on “Is it too early to mention Christmas?

  1. Hello Anne. I am thinking about it too…determined to be organised and on top of things before December. I prefer a muted colour scheme, not too much red and green in our house, although the children love the glittery, shiny stuff so it is a balance! Rose gold is huge isn’t it? My daughter was recently given a horse lead/rope in rose gold! I dream of a copper Kitchen Aid! The power of Nigella. Happy Christmas sales to you.

    1. Much as I’d like a muted colour scheme, somehow the glittery shiny stuff takes over! I’ve noticed that buckets, halters and rugs all have to co-ordinate nowadays – madnesss.

  2. It all seems a bit mad, doesn’t it? I am shocked to hear that you have already received an invitation to view December 2018’s decorations. Likewise, we were saddened to go to a certain large chain of hardware shops in the week before last Christmas to find Christmas was over for them and they had cleared the shop of Christmas decorations! I do love to see the new baubles – love those silvery ones you’ve got in your pics – but I like my old decorations as well. I just can’t imagine throwing them out for a whole new look on the tree each year. I must be getting old!

    1. It amazes me when people come in and create a new colour scheme each year. We just use what we’ve got and add a couple of new things. How sad that all the Christmas decorations had been cleared before Christmas. That’s when I’d go out to buy mine.

  3. I am afraid I don’t have a colour scheme for my Christmas decorations – it’s much more important to me to use the decorations that once belonged to now long deceased family members and things made or collected over the years. That way the tree etc may look rather uncoordinated and homely but it’s full of history and memories and therefore feels alive in a very special way. I try not to add to my collection but each year I succumb to something! And what’s wrong with a good old fashioned snow globe? I like ’em! Enjoy your Christmas preparations, Anne! E x

    1. Our decorations are an assortment too though I was very glad when I could dispose of the handmade nursery school decorations. I’d rather have a homely tree than a fashionably co-ordinated one.

  4. Gosh I can’t say that I have started thinking about tree decorations just yet .. no doubt I’ll haul out the box when it’s time. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind some of those bronze and pewter decorations either 🙂 love the last shot Anne!

    1. I think that we get a bit more obsessed over here because the days are getting shorter and we need something bright and glittery to focus on. I’d rather be out in the sunshine in your garden.

  5. Purple and silver for me, but I always look and then fall in love with the new colours and shapes and toy with changing!

  6. Christmas is definitely on the agenda here, deciding who hosts the ‘Big’ day, with having to take in to consideration work Rotas, Grandchild care etc. Does a copper coloured mixer mix any better that any other colour? The power of product placement, could you persuade Nigella to have one of your Christmas trees in her kitchen?

  7. Everyone needs a snow globe in their life. Our Christmas tree is like the rest of my life, higgledy piggledy and maybe a bit over the top. I love proper glass baubles and have them in all colours and shapes. The box is staying in the attic until at least December 20th. I don’t like Christmas to take over my life and get fed up with it quite quickly. x

    1. Maybe our Christmas trees are a reflection of our lives Christina! My tree never turns out quite as I imagine it will. We bring our tree in on Christmas Eve, which is quite early enough for me.

  8. We always bought our tree a week before Christmas and left it outside until Christmas Eve. However, four years ago we were shocked to find our usual farm supplier had run out and we had to drive for miles looking for a suitable tree. We now buy the tree ten days before Christmas but still decorate on Christmas Eve or maybe the day before Christmas Eve. Our tree is definitely not co-ordinated! I love your photo of the sloes!

    1. I always tell people to buy early, saw a slice off the bottom and stand the tree outside in water for a couple of weeks. Obviously, I never follow my own advice. We used to sell lots of trees in the week before Christmas but now only sell a handful.

      1. Thank-you, Anne. It is interesting how people’s celebrating habits have changed in recent years. It probably has something to do with the recession and our insecurity and a wish for a little brightness in our lives.

      1. J & D > Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Humbugs! Charles Dickens pretty much invented both. But not the trees. For us the key ingredients of Christmas are a Christmas tree and a Christmas dinner. Tree sets the mood and the scene.

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