Dried seedhead display in The Barley Barn, Essex

A January Diary

January 2018

Realised that visitors to Slamseys Journal are still being wished a Happy Christmas. Resolved to remedy situation but nothing to write about. Decided to wait for exciting event.

Lino prints, screen prints, drypoint in The Barley Barn, Essex

Back to work in the New Year. Rather depressing to walk into the glitz and sparkle of Christmas decorations when it’s all over. Took several days to take down displays, count stock and pack away. Debated why some decorations remain unsold for two years and then sell out. Resolved not to buy more snow globes this year. Good to have the space cleared and back to normal.

printmaking tools, crayons, pencils in tins in Barley Barn, Essex

Moved printmaking equipment back into the Barley Barn. Spent much time with Ruth arranging it in Insta worthy display. Convinced ourselves that this is very important and in no way a means of avoiding office work. Ran out of time that day to do the accounts.

Have been detailed to choose light fittings for house. Looked online and discovered thousands. Visited local shop and found only six on display. Feel there must be some halfway place with reasonable, but not overwhelming choice. Wonder if we can get away with fewer lights. Pretended that I have unlimited time to choose and deferred decision. Ignored niggle in back of mind that I don’t have unlimited time.

Started to prepare for relocation of farm office. Jammed paper shredder trying to dispose of ancient paperwork. Discovered pile of vinyl LPs in cupboard and spent afternoon sorting office contents to musical accompaniment. Irritated by number of records with scratches and continued need to change record. Fate of turntable and record collection to be decided but relocation to new farm office not expected. Wonder if all records not mine should be returned to original owners. Ditto books. Decide not, thus affirming belief that writing your name on anything to ensure return is act of hope, not guarantee.

Ducks by the pond at Slamseys

Shut up all but one of the ducks for the night. Tried unsuccessfully to round up errant duck but she hid in thick blackthorn hedge. No sign of her next morning, so presume she has been taken by fox. Remaining ducks consequently refused to go into safety of their pen for following three nights. Luckily all survived and eventually hunger drove them in, only to find the guinea fowl had appropriated the duck house in their absence. Left them to sort it out. Next morning discovered ducks cosily ensconced in hens’ nesting boxes. Marked decline in egg laying since.

Dried seedhead display in The Barley Barn, Essex

Read Jane’s piece entitled “An idyllic life, or not”. Agreed with Jane and the comments left about what we choose to write about in blogs. Concluded that it’s probably better to push Happy Christmas from the first page of Slamseys Journal by writing about grey, less than idyllic January, rather than wait for something exciting to happen.

15 thoughts on “A January Diary

  1. You are a funny, kind and honest blog friend Anne. Is that an onion or leek seed head in the last shot? I love their shape and would happily grow them just for those pretty dried flowers. I hope you get some sunshine soon.

    1. I think the seed head is a purple alium – I’m always happy to let a few leeks go to seed so that I can watch the seed heads develop. Windy and wet here today, but hoping for sunshine soon.

  2. What a fabulous, honest and very funny post. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face and a reminder of all the challenging things we all deal with outside of our Insta worthy lives.

  3. Mostly, life is not exciting but comfortably boring. I rather like it like that actually. I have been procrastinating over a light fitting for a cosy corner for months, there is too much or nothing at all to choose from. A common dilemma I noticed, when faced with the endless opportunities of the world wide web, the small selection in local shops seems underwhelming. Enjoy the rest of January.

    1. You’re right Christina. Before the internet I’d have been happy with the small selection in the shop. In fact, I’d have been happy this time if they’d been fittings I liked.

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