Snippets of happiness | spring

Spring has been cold and wet, apart from a few gloriously hot days last month when we abandoned coats and bared our legs in the optimistic hope that summer had arrived early. Sadly, our hopes were dashed and the wind and rain returned.

But despite the weather, there have been plenty of snippets of happiness in the last few weeks. Sometimes as simple as walking in the rain and then, as the rain stops and the sun breaks out, standing still listening to the birdsong and the rain dripping from the trees. Or the gratitude to the man who put his foot on my pound coin and stopped it rolling away down the pavement when it pinged out of the wretched coin lock as I tried to release a supermarket trolley.

Other snippets of happiness this spring …

Art installation Kettles Yard Cambridge casting shadows on table

A temporary art installation at Kettles Yard in Cambridge, casts shadows on a table. Simple but effective. I enjoyed the collections of found objects as much as the art on the wall and possibly spent too much time examining the polished floor of the gallery (we have problems with a similar floor) but the whole day was filled with happiness.


Cherry blossom with blue background

Bringing in branches from the flowering cherry trees before the blossom is drenched by rain and buffeted by the wind. Shall I put them in a blue room where the blossom makes a contrasting splash of bright pink against the dark blue.?


Cherry blossom with yellow background


Or in a yellow room where the effect is more muted? It always surprises me how much the colour of something can be affected by its surroundings or the colours it’s placed next to or by the light. I miss the late afternoon sun that bathed my old kitchen in its golden light but am finding unexpected patches of light through the new house. It will be interesting to see how it changes with the seasons. Morris, the fox terrier has already worked out the best places to catch the sunlight at any time of day.


Rhubarb on wooden surface

Pulling rhubarb from the garden to make a comforting Rhubarb Crumble. Perfect with bright yellow custard made with eggs laid by the two remaining hens, eaten as we watch the rain lash against the windows. There has, of course, also been rhubarb jelly and rhubarb flatbread. And a little rhubarb compote. Next will be Nigel Slater’s recipe for rhubarb with sloe gin.

Bringing rather more than a snippet of happiness, has been watching two little grandsons give their newly arrived baby sister adoring hugs. That’s been more like a great big lorry load of happiness.

My snippet of happiness today? The sun is shining and there’s no rain forecast for the day. Hurrah!


19 thoughts on “Snippets of happiness | spring

  1. Ah, so many opportunities for happiness in the little things! The installation on the window is wonderful, the shadows are such a lovely part of it, the cherry blossom is wonderful in its abundance, whichever room it is in, and the rhubarb will be delicious – we just can’t grow it well here, it seems to really need the English climate. And babies – undiluted joy! (This coming from a newish grandmother!)

    1. The shadows really made the window installation; I highly recommend a visit to Kettles Yard if you’re ever in the UK and find yourself near Cambridge as I think you’d love it.
      Undiluted joy is a very good description 🙂

  2. Anne, the possibility of sun brings you happiness whereas the possibility of rain brings me joy. I can’t wait till our scorched land is green again.

    1. I have this conversation with Australians every year; when I read of the hardships caused by the lack of rain out there, it makes me feel very ungrateful for moaning about the wet weather here. If only we could arrange a little rain and sun swap …

  3. Thank you for reminding me to find happiness in the small things. I love rhubarb for the short time that it is in season I can buy it in the store. I have some compote and rhubarb-strawberry- yogurt ice cream in my refrigerator.

      1. I didn’t use strawberries in my compote but I did in my ice cream and in my crisp.

  4. I love the pink blossom against the blue walls, like a lovely blue sky. So many things to be grateful for. That window art installation is also fab.

  5. You must be so much enjoying exploring how to live in your new home – the light through the year in all your rooms is there to be explored and enjoyed … and I am most envious of your rhubarb (and grandchildren). How wonderful are the times when life is full of such pleasure 🙂

  6. Congratulations on the new granddaughter! I am revelling in the wonderful warmth and sunshine after all the cold and wet. Blossom and zingy green leaves look so good against a blue sky with a few white clouds.
    We have hardly any rhubarb this year. We should have split the plant last year, I think.

  7. Congratulations on your new granddaughter, it is easy to overlook moments of happiness during the rush of everyday life. Thanyou for reminding me. Rhubarb gin is on the agenda here.

  8. Oh now I feel like rhubarb crumble and real custard, how delicious! Dogs have a true talent for finding the warmest, sunniest places don’t they? I love the shadows in your first photo, so clever!

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