Pencils lined up for Slamseys creative summer challenge

Creative Summer Challenge

It’s mid July, when thoughts turn to summer holidays, so it’s time for the Slamseys Creative Summer Challenge!

Prompts, themes, ideas for creative inspiration summer challenge text on photo of Sydney Harbour

The Challenge

This summer, our challenge is to make a Visual Journal of Summer 2018. You don’t have to accept the challenge, but we’re throwing it out to you anyway.

Choose any medium for this challenge and decide how challenged you’d like to be! You could use it to record your summer, to develop a skill or build a bank of ideas to use in the future.

Each week we’ll give you a theme and some prompts that you can use or ignore.

Who can join in?

Anyone! Everyone!
Creative people wanting a challenge
Printmakers on our courses at Slamseys, who are looking for inspiration
Families who like a project for the summer holidays
Artists, photographers, sewers, knitters, potters, bloggers …

Are there any rules?

There are absolutely no rules. Take the challenge in whichever direction you desire and make your own rules.

What shall I put in my visual journal?

A record of your days
Your response to events, places or people
Your feelings and thoughts
Plans and ideas
Experiments with your craft
Whatever you wish.

Is there a place online to share my work?

There’s no pressure to share your work online but you can post it onto our Facebook page, tag @Slamseys in Instagram or leave a link to your blog in the comments below this or any of the Challenge posts.

If you’re sharing online, here are a few hashtag suggestions:
#artinprogress      #artjournal      #creativeprocess      #crochetlove      #dailydrawing      #doitfortheprocess      #foreverfaffing      #knitting      #printandpattern      #printmaking      #quilting      #reclaimed      #sketchbook      #slamseysinspiration      #stylingtheseasons      #textiles      #theartofgathering      #visualjournal      #wip

How do I join in?

If you’d like to join in and accept the challenge, just do it!

What next?

Tomorrow, we’ll give you some ideas to get ready for the Slamseys Creative Summer Challenge ready for the start on Monday, which is:

Get prepared for the Creative Challenge

Creative Challenge 1 – Make a Mark

Creative Challenge 2 – A Different Perspective

Creative Challenge 3 – Act Like a Tourist

Creative Challenge 4 – Same Time, Same Place

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