Under the tree canopy photographed by spinning camera

Creative Summer Challenge | A Different Perspective

Continuing the Slamseys Creative Summer Challenge to keep a visual journal for four weeks in July and August.

This week, the theme for the Visual Journal is to look at things from a different perspective. You may of course, choose to look at this theme from the perspective of completely ignoring it and doing your own thing.

It’s easy to get sucked into doing things the same way all the time. Always shooting photos from the same angle, only taking still life photos or keeping the dial set on automatic. Maybe you’re a printmaker who only works from photographs instead of sketches. We often follow the same daily routine without thinking, because it’s easier but shake it up and try something different.

Wilbur Lawn Art at Slamseys with Artist Chris Naylor
Lawn Art at Slamseys Photo: Chris Naylor


Try taking a different perspective this summer and record it in your visual journal.



If you usually work in miniature, try working on a large scale

Travel somewhere using as many modes of transport as you can

Work in black and white instead of colour or vice versa

Lay on the ground and find images in the clouds

Listen to a different radio station

Climb to a high place like a church tower, a hill or a bridge and look down at life below

Look at life from a dog’s (or some other small being) point of view

Shut your eyes and use your other senses


Image of duck formed by rust on painted metal
What do you see in the rust pattern


That’s quite a long list of suggestions for a week, so if you’re happier just using prompts, try these.



There’s no pressure to share your work online but you can post it onto our Facebook page,  tag @Slamseys in Instagram  or leave a link to your blog in the comments below this or any of the Challenge posts.

Summer creative Challenge looking at tree from different perspective

To find out more about the Creative Challenge, read Introduction to the Slamseys Creative Summer Challenge

Next: Week Three | Act Like a Tourist

8 thoughts on “Creative Summer Challenge | A Different Perspective

  1. This is very interesting Anne. I have just finished taking a series of food photos for a magazine article and I have been trying hard to step back and breathe a little. Sometimes (for various reasons!) I can rush and not notice the small details until later. I love that rust patter, I see a duck! That lawn art is incredible.

    1. I’m terrible and noticing the small details. We were doing some shots for the printmaking studio and it was only after a long while that I noticed a cobweb hanging (not at all artistically) in the background.

  2. Always fascinating to look at things from different perspectives. Going to need to think about this week a bit harder! The rusty duck – how could it be anything else?! – is so sweet! D was spray-painting an old latch off the larder door the other day and the overrun of the black spray-paint on the cardboard he was using to protect the floor looks just like a flattened cat!! I may post a pic if he hasn’t got rid of it! Amazing what you start to register when you look with what Beatrix Potter called ‘a seeing eye’! E x

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