Slamseys chase

Summer time

As the hot summer weather and harvest at Slamseys continues, it’s time to pop out with the camera and take some photographs for our Visual Journal.

2018 Harvest tractor waiting in yard

Tractors and trailers are bringing back the grain from the fields to tip into the grainstore.


2018 Harvest straw bales in Grove Field

After combining, the straw is baled up and will soon be carted away.


2018 hot summer horses in paddock

The horses lurk under the shade of the oak trees for most of the day.


raspberries for slamseys gin

The autumn raspberries have just started to ripen and will be picked for Slamseys Raspberry Gin.


ducks by the pond in summer

If I were a duck, I think I’d stay in the pond.

4 thoughts on “Summer time

    1. The raspberries are particularly lush and delicious, though the wasps have discovered them so we have to be very careful not to get stung when we’re picking.

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