Paintbrushes, pens, pencils in pots in artist's studio

Creative Summer Challenge | And Next …


After four weeks of prompts and themes, the Slamseys Creative Summer Challenge has come to an end. We hope that if you joined in, you enjoyed the challenge and made it your own. All the posts will stay here so you can come back to it at any time.

With luck, you now have a good collection of work, so what will you do with it?

Have you found a format for keeping a visual journal that you enjoy and will continue to keep?

Yellow lino print of Jack Russell dog called Nelson


Over the summer, you should have collected plenty of inspiration for future projects. Ruth’s studies of her dog Nelson have already led to a lino printing session; this is her print of Nelson, but my favourite is of the sausage dog.

Perhaps you’ve gone in a completely new direction with your work and need to investigate further. With the new academic year ahead, perhaps it’s the time to sign up for a course to learn a new skill. At Slamseys, we offer printmaking classes, for beginners and anyone whose printmaking skills are a bit rusty, including textile printing, lino and block printing, screen printing, drypoint etching and monoprinting. If printing isn’t your thing, you may find something suitable in the UK on the Craft Courses website.

If you’ve been too busy over the summer to join in, you can do this challenge at any time of the year and pick it up and put it down at leisure.

We hope you’ve had a creative summer and are enthused enough to continue.


Details of all the printmaking courses in The Barley Barn at Slamseys are on the Slamseys Website. If you are coming to Essex from further afield, we have a good choice of accomodation locally, including campsites.



2 thoughts on “Creative Summer Challenge | And Next …

  1. Thanks for the challenge Anne! I’ve only managed about half a dozen pages in my winter journal, but it’s felt productive and creative all the same. Making the first mark was definitely the hardest part. Winter runs a little longer here in Canberra (until about November actually! 😉 ), so I’ve a little more time up my sleeve to keep adding to it. xx

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