Pink, blue and gun metal Christmas baubles

Must Have Christmas Trends 2018

Must Have for Christmas 2018 Christmas Trends

Christmas 2018 is going to be bright and cheerful with pops of bright colour and layers of comfort. Here are our top four Must Have trends for Christmas 2018.



Christmas Trend 2018 Adding Christmas Layers

One of our favourite trends for Christmas 2018 is Adding Winter Layers. Through November, start to add a little decoration in your home, just as you pull on an extra layer of clothes as the days get colder.

This is a great way to gradually embrace the Christmas season, rather than going from an empty house to a massively overdone Christmas-fest in one go.

Start in November by introducing flowers in cool whites and greens and candles to light the dark nights. Each week add something new; a collection of smooth stones from a walk, simple shapes made with natural wood or glass items that twinkle in the light. None of these need to be overtly Christmassy and the bonus of not using Christmas decorations is that you may still want to keep them out in January.

Gradually introduce more foliage (real and faux), build a small street of little houses along a shelf or window ledge and light them with LED lights or tea candles. The final flourish as Christmas Day approaches is to bring in and decorate the Christmas tree, adorning its deep green, glossy foliage with lights and baubles. Sort through your decorations and pick only the best ones to put up this year, saving the rest for a different look next year.


Must Have Christmas trend 2018 Pink

Pink has become the neutral colour for the home in 2018, overtaking taupe, magnolia or any other unlikely named version of beige or cream and it makes sense that pink is a massively popular for trend Christmas 2018.

Blush pink works well as a background colour where it can give a softer look than white. Pale pink accents in a gold and white scheme looks light and delicate while dusty pinks mixed with gun metal grey or deep blue make a dramatic contrast. This year, fuchsia pink is making a dramatic appearance, mixed with bright oranges, reds, turquoise and yellows that also fit in with this year’s llama trend.

In 2018, pink in all shades increasingly replaces Christmas red. A pink nutcracker soldier and blush pink jingle bells bring traditional decorations bang up to date; frosted pinks and greens give a modern twist to the conventional red and green associated with Christmas.


Must Have Christmas trend 2018 Llamas

It’s official! Llamas have overtaken unicorns in popularity and look set to be a big Christmas trend in 2018.

Llamas are adorable. Who can resist their cute faces and fleecy coats? Their brightly coloured back cloths and dangling pom poms fit right in with the move away from subdued all-white coloured themes of previous years.

As every self-respecting llama appears to be handsomely decorated with pom poms, it’s no surprise that pom poms are also on-trend this year. Pom poms made from wool or tissue paper are everywhere, used as garlands, baubles, table decorations or hung them from the ceiling. Making your own tissue paper pom poms also follows the move to hand-made gifts and decorations that’s popular this year.

Best of all, llamas and pom poms aren’t just for Christmas! Llamas are a quirky addition to a room all year round and pom poms are great space fillers for parties.


Must Have Christmas Trend 2018 Hand-Made

Hand-Made Christmas is a growing trend in 2018, whether items are bought from artisan craftspeople or made at home from scratch or from a kit.

Thriftiness, the desire to be creative, wanting something unique or simply a reaction to the consumerism of Christmas are all drivers for this trend and we predict that it will gain momentum and be even bigger next year.

In an age when factory produced goods and chain retailers can sometimes make us feel that everything is the same, hand-made gifts and decorations make Christmas individual and special. Don’t worry if your hand-made gift or decoration isn’t perfect; that’s part of their charm.

If the thought of making your own Christmas gifts and decorations leaves you faint, search out makers to do the work for you, like these Advent Calendar Envelopes or this personalised “Thoughts on gin and other things” notebook. Alternatively, book on a craft course, so that next year you can make your own.

A home-made wreath on the front door may not be as sophisticated as shop bought, but it’s a chance to add character to a welcome door. Home baked cakes, a hand-knitted blanket or hand-printed stationery make great gifts and hand-filled baubles can be used as small gifts or decorations.


Pssst Slamseys Christmas Barn is now open if you need somewhere to stock up with Christmas decorations and Gin.

5 thoughts on “Must Have Christmas Trends 2018

  1. I love the pink theme and the pom poms Anne. The cool thing is…some of those things could be re-used at other times as they do not have that traditional Christmas look. I can imagine that your Christmas Barn is looking beautiful.

    1. I thought exactly the same about re-use Jane. It seems such a waste to have things (taking up valuable space in cupboards) that we only use for a couple of weeks in the year.

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