Looking across a field of wheat to the farm buildings

A January Day

blackberry bush in january

Today has been sunny and bright, but the icy wind as been as sharp as the thorns on the blackberry bush.


sleeper bridge across ditch

Consequently, my walk with the dog this morning was brisk, apart from careful negotiation over this sleeper that forms a bridge across a ditch but looks as though it will give way at any moment. In fact, the dog turned home before me and headed straight for a sunny patch behind a glass door where he dozed all morning.

On a day like today, I’ve noticed that the farm office suddenly appears a popular place to be for everyone, rather than working outside in the cold. Apparently, there’s a lot of planning and organisation to do for the year ahead.

We’ve been planning and organising in The Barley Barn too as it’s reverted back to a printmaking space after its spell as a glittering Christmas Barn. Luckily there weren’t too many unsold decorations to pack away and store for next Christmas; it’s a difficult balance making sure that we don’t sell out too early but still maintain a reasonable display until the end.

In January, when everything’s packed away and we start to plan for the next Christmas,  there are always debates about why some things sell out as soon as we put them on the shelf while others take a couple of years for people to notice. And why people are so obsessed with unicorns. And are dinosaurs really going to be a major trend for Christmas 2019? And pigs?

Yep, we’ve already started to visit the trade shows to buy Christmas decorations for this year and can safely report that dinosaur and pig decorations are going to appear.



10 thoughts on “A January Day

  1. i try to keep off the ‘fashions’ as they come and go – I still love my old vintage ornaments of my grans and I prefer the natural Swedish look to decorate. I am also putting out less and less decorations these days – I know that does not help the shops and buyers! As you say it is a difficult balance to get it right – I used to have a boutique many years ago and it is hard second guessing what the consumer will want to buy months ahead.

    1. I’m hoping that with the current Marie Kondo clear out craze that people will have thrown away their Christmas decorations and in December suddenly realise what a mistake they’ve made and flood in to buy more.

      1. Yes I think there has been a Marie Kondo trend to clear out as the charity shops have said on the news they have been overloaded this year. I am more likely to throw out more recent things than my really old vintage ones of my grans. It is a hard balance in life as I feel for shop keepers and businesses who need to keep selling things. I am sure you won’t have a problem next Christmas – decorations are always so tempting to buy and it is not a huge cost if you then decide to let go of them further down the line. I think selling from your lovely barn will make them even more of a temptation – I know I would be.

  2. Looks very cool and crisp Anne, such a contrast to our January days which seem to be getting alarmingly hotter every year. Aren’t Christmas trends interesting, I did love the llamas this year. I have to really love a Christmas decoration to actually be compelled to buy it, I always think of the extra storage and clutter. Dogs certainly have a knack of finding the best spots. Stay warm.

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