Learn drypoint etching workshop at Slamseys Printmaking

Inky fingers

drypoint etching at Slamseys Printmaking in Essex
Prepping the drypoint plate

It feels good to get the printmaking studio back up and running: The shelves and racking that the Christmas shop borrowed have been returned and screens, rollers, tapes and palette knives are hanging back up in their rightful place. I’m a newcomer to order and everything in its place, but it is far easier to find the right ink or bit of scrim now that I’m not wading through boxes. It’s just as well really, because the first Print Club and one-to-one sessions of 2019 have been and gone and next week the full printmaking programme starts in earnest.

Student drypoint etching of octopus, Slamseys Printmaking
Octopus, Student drypoint etching

I’ve been flipping through drawers full of prints to find some good examples for upcoming classes and making new ones to test out timings and techniques for the new Seven Week Developing Your Style course. Time and again I am so impressed with what the students achieve in a matter of a few hours and it’s wonderful to see their work develop as they come back to try new skills or improve old ones.

2019 will be full of new things, because I’m also starting Tuesday evening classes for everyone who’s at work during our usual Thursday and Friday slots – first up is a Drypoint and Carborundum two-week class. This drizzly and cold day might not feel particularly inspiring right now, but here’s hoping the start of the new term brings plenty of enthusiasm and creativity from the students!

Curious about what drypoint printing is? Here’s a quick guide to drypoint.

Student drypoint etching of an owl, Slamseys Printmaking

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