Does anyone else get bombarded at the start of the year with New Creative Trends emails? As well as discovering the key themes for Christmas 2019, this week I’ve also been learning about colour trends. Apparently it’s all about the neon, which my friend who works for a light-up neon wire company has been telling me for years.

Well, taking this as my jumping off point (and don’t we all need somewhere to start?!), I’ve been thinking about how I can add a bit of bright happy in your face packing a punch colour to my prints. Obviously screen printing was my go to – There isn’t a better print medium for big bold block of colour than screen printing.


I also wanted to celebrate my poor little plants that have battled against my love of watering them. It’s a constant point of contention at home that all of my plants are dead – I strongly believe they will all rally once again. However, I am finding that succulents and cacti may be the way for me to go. It turns out that I’m not, and probably never will be, as green fingered as I’d like! Much better to get them down in print while they’re still living.

The part of the colour trend email that I was most excited about, was the ‘more is more’ vibe, which has long been my motto. It’s all about clashing prints and colour, heavy saturation and pattern. What could be better! So here we have a fluorescent green and pink cactus screen print. It turns out that I’m very happy when I’m covered in bright pink ink.

What colours are you inspired by at the moment? If you want to try your hand at screen printing, neon or no, I’ve running screen printing classes in February and April (and more dates will be listed soon!).


NEON Cactus screen printing at Slamseys

3 thoughts on “N-E-O-N

  1. I wish I could join you! I have just gotten back into linoleum block cutting, and would love to try screen printing. I’m glad to hear that wild color is the theme of 2019, as I am making a quilt that is just all eye-popping colors. Great to work on at this time of year, particularly. Have fun!

    1. Lino block printing is another of my favourites (they all are really!) – but so good because it’s really easy to do at home without anything too fancy. Screen printing needs a little more set up, but if you’re happy working small it’s usually manageable! The quilt sounds fabulous, you’ll have to share it once it’s done. I think everything needs to clash and be as bright as possible this year 😀

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