How to find Creative Inspiration | The Slamseys Workbook

How to Find Creative Inspiration – The Slamseys Workbook




Do you struggle to find ideas for printmaking or creative projects? Do you need a boost? Would a few prompts and strategies for building creative habits help? Then download the Slamseys E-Book “How to Find Creative Inspiration” today.



Initially, I wrote this workbook to help students prepare for printmaking workshops and courses at Slamseys as some students find it difficult to come up with ideas for printing or think that they can only copy something from the internet because they lack drawing skills. I wanted to show them that a few simple strategies would help them feel more confident and prepared for class, so that they arrive brimming with ideas and projects to work on. Although the book was written for printmakers, it can be used by anyone looking for creative inspiration.


How to find creative inspiration e-book


This workbook is for you if you want to start a regular arts practice at home. Perhaps you’ve signed up for (or are considering) a printmaking course at Slamseys or some other art or craft programme. Maybe you’re a blogger or Instagrammer. Perhaps you just feel a need to be creative but are unsure where to begin. This book will get you started. It’s a jumping off point to get out into the world, away from Pinterest and come up with your own ideas.


Preview | How to Find Creative Inspiration E-Book



Boost your creativity today by getting the free E-Book here. You can download and print it out or work through online.


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