Printing In Progress

Do you struggle to come up with original ideas for your printmaking? Is it difficult to find time to develop those initial thoughts, to experiment and finally make successful prints? Is your planning a little haphazard? Did you just exclaim “Planning? What planning?” or am I the only one who makes a print only to discover it doesn’t fit a standard sized frame?

It can be difficult to find the time and energy to develop your skills beyond beginner level when you have to fit your creative passions around everyday life. It’s easy to get stuck on a plateau where you know the basics and can produce a reasonable piece of work but you’re not improving your skills. Perhaps you don’t want to waste time or resources on something that might fail or be so difficult that you abandon it. Maybe you’ve just run out of imagination.

Sketchbooks depicting printing in progress on theme lines

Well, here’s the thing! You’re not the only one, which is why we’re introducing a new series of courses at Slamseys. Some courses will be based around the farm, giving you the chance to wander around and be inspired by the landscape and surroundings, to make sketches and use found objects for your printmaking while other courses will be loosely themed. The aim is to give you ideas and dedicated time to develop them.

The series is called “Printing in Progress” because it concentrates on exploring and investigating themes, working into your sketchbook, developing your printmaking and maintaining a regular creative practice. Don’t expect to come with an image downloaded from the internet and go home with an exact copy printed onto a tote bag. Do expect to come with an open mind and perhaps your own photos or drawings, objects or notes and to go home with a sketchbook brimming with ideas.

Page from printmaking sketchbook

The sketchbook page above was based on the theme “Lines”, which gave plenty of scope for individual lines of thought and development. Lines of communication, desire lines, threads, hedgerows, gridlines, buildings, wrinkles, geometry, washing lines … once you start thinking about lines, it’s difficult to stop.

These courses are going to be a lot of fun. They’re aimed at people who’ve done some printmaking at beginner level although it’s OK if you’re a bit rusty. Read the full course details for Printing in Progress on the Slamseys website and book now to take advantage of the Early Bird discount. You might also be interested in our free e-book How to Find Creative Inspiration

Black and white photo of person using printing press with text Finding original ideas for printmaking

2 thoughts on “Printing In Progress

  1. I love that you are thinking about how people create and are providing open time and space to let those ideas germinate. I live in the States, but dream of a trip to visit you and your farm. 😊

    Thank you!


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