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painted window casting a shadow

It’s no good sitting at home waiting for inspiration to strike.

You need to be stimulated and interested in the world to be inspired.

The internet can be a great place for getting ideas but there’s nothing like going out to visit exhibitions, museums and galleries. Things have a weird habit of appearing not quite as they are on the internet – who hasn’t been surprised by the size of a painting when they’ve seen it in real life? Also, museums and galleries often have very good cafes.



To visit a museum or art gallery

Get the best from your visit to a museum

There might be a blockbuster exhibition in one of the major museums you’re dying to see or maybe the local art gallery is exhibiting art from local schools. Whichever you choose, go along with an open mind and be inspired.

Walking around on your own allows you to go at your own pace but it can be more interesting to go with someone else. Choose your companion carefully! Do you want to bond over a shared interest or be provoked by someone with a different taste? Go with a child and you have the excuse to do all the fun quizzes and treasure hunts. Whoever you choose to go with, half the fun is discussing it afterwards.

Don’t feel you have to see everything in one visit. Unless the museum is tiny, it’s far better to pick a few galleries and leave the rest for another day. Similarly, you don’t have to work your away around the room looking at everything. Sometimes, it’s better to scan the room and go to the thing that catches your eye.

exhibit at MONA, Tasmania

Take a good look at the exhibit. Then read the label. Don’t take the exhibit at face value but look for the hidden details or view it from a different angle and judge it for yourself. You might want to find out more about the back story or process used to create it, so make use of guidebooks, audio tours or digital screens. Guided tours often give you background details that you rarely find in printed guides and give you the chance to ask lots of questions.

The buildings themselves are often fascinating and the views through the windows can be amazing so make time to enjoy the space, people watch or visit the café. Above all, be inspired.



Do let us know what you’re creating in this year’s Challenge. Leave a comment below (with a link if you’re sharing online) or tag @Slamseys in Instagram.

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