mug of coffee with tin of homemade biscuits

Creative Challenge|Sketching the Everyday


Grab your concertina book (or your sketchbook or visual journal) and a pen or pencil and look around.


To spend 15 minutes sketching everyday life

Mud spattered boots outside door

Spend fifteen minutes sketching everyday things like your morning cup of coffee, packaging, people around you, your clothes, your favourite room … Even if you think you can’t draw! You’re just trying to capture an impression. The act of putting something onto paper makes you look properly, helps you memorise it and perhaps notice the unexpected.

Relax and look at colours and textures, light and shade, shapes and angles, size and surroundings. Make notes about details and your thoughts.


If you have more time


Add colour and detail to your sketches with coloured pencils, paint or ink.

Use your sketches to produce a piece of work.



Have fun!

Do let us know what you’re creating in this year’s Challenge. Leave a comment below (with a link if you’re sharing online) or tag @Slamseys in Instagram.

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