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Creative Challenge | Sharing


hands holding plate with cheese flan

One of the great things about being creative is sharing. Making food to share around the table, sewing clothes for others or making music for others to listen to or join in. Recipes are scribbled on random pieces of paper for friends, tips for art passed around in painting groups, knowledge shared on courses and workshops. Bloggers share their guides for the best place to eat in town, a fabulous exhibition to visit or a good walk and people leave books or bouquets of flowers in public places for strangers to find.


To share something

Share a joke with a friend, write a blog post, share a secret in a letter, show your creative work on Instagram. Make a cake or open a bottle of wine or Slamseys Gin and share it with someone you love. OK, maybe opening a bottle of wine or gin isn’t very creative. But hey, it’s Friday.


Have fun!

Do let us know what you’re creating in this year’s Challenge. Leave a comment below (with a link if you’re sharing online) or tag @Slamseys in Instagram.

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