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Creative Challenge | Self-Portrait


Are you the person always behind the camera? Do you hate taking selfies? Do you paint pictures of everyone but yourself? Well, come out and introduce yourself!


To Create a Self-Portrait


Too shy to take self-portraits text above girl in green shirt with head bowd down text below ry these alternatives to a traditional self-portrait


If you’re a confident selfie poser or self-portraitist, today’s challenge will be a doddle, but for many of us it can be a bit scary, so let’s be creative.

First, decide which medium you’ll use. You could use the written word, photographs, paint, illustrated notes, scrapbook, film, food, music, embroidery …  use your imagination and skills.

You may realise that the challenge is not to simply take a selfie on your phone or draw your portrait as you look into a mirror, though of course if that’s your choice then go ahead.

Here are some ideas for you to consider if you’re too shy to create a traditional self-portrait:

  • Instead of an image, write a short biography and tell your story
  • Record a typical day in pictures
  • Describe the best day of your life or your perfect day or the day that changed your life
  • What’s important to you? How would you sum up your values and personality? Your interests and experiences? How can you convey your passions?
  • Concentrate on one part of your body. Your best or worst feature. A scar that tells a story.
  • Your hands can reveal your age and way of life. Think of different ways of representing them.
  • Does the ground you stand on tell a story? What about your shoes and feet too?
  • How do your clothes reflect your personality?
  • Is there a place in your home that’s special to you? Your desk or a favourite chair? A bookshelf or bedside table?
  • What are your favourite films, music or books?

Is that enough to be getting on with?


Have you stumbled across this post and have no idea what the Challenge is about? Then you might be interested in the introduction to the Slamseys Creative Summer Challenge

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