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Creative Challenge | Shake It Up and Do Something Different


It’s easy to plod along the same old path, to always see things from the same position or keep the same routine without questioning why we do it or what would happen if we changed. As part of the Summer Challenge, let’s shake it up and do something different.


To shake it up and do something different


Shake Up Your Art and Do Something Different text under spinning tree canopy


Do you need some ideas?

Take a break from the norm. It doesn’t have to be a big holiday (though that would be great), but just a break from everyday living. Maybe setting aside a couple of hours to explore a place or taking your lunch to eat outside instead of at your desk. Spend a day throwing yourself wholeheartedly into being creative and see what happens. Go for a bike ride, take a walk, swim in the sea …

Change your creative practice. Work big if you usually work in miniature or vice versa. Pick a different colour scheme from normal or work in monochrome.

Look at things from a child’s perspective. Lie on the floor and look up, peep through cracks and look at the smallest details with a child’s intense curiosity.

Glasgow street from high building

View from above. Climb to the top of a church tower or lighthouse and look down. Or take a lift to the top of a skyscraper. Does it make a difference?

Go through your sketchbooks (or visual journal, scrapbook etc) for ideas that you didn’t develop but which still interest you. Look at them with a different eye and see how you might use them in a creative project.

If your sketchbook is a bit boring or full of things you’re no longer interested in, be ruthless and redesign it. Use gesso to obliterate the stuff you hate or cover it with collage or new sketches. Add some marks or colour, stamp the pages or add washi tape. Alternatively, tear out the things you love and make them into a new book, adding blank pages to develop your ideas.

If you normally work alone, spend time printing or painting or whatever with a group of friends or your family.

Decamp outside and work en plain air.

Patterned paste paper dark and light blue

Try a different technique or materials. Switch subjects: if your work is about nature, try introducing an element of man-made. Try making your own tools. Make freestyle patterned Paste Papers, make a bunch of paper pompoms or sit in the sunshine and make daisy chains.

Let your mind wander and use Shake it Up and Do Something Different as a creative prompt to explore new possibilities.


Have fun!

4 thoughts on “Creative Challenge | Shake It Up and Do Something Different

  1. Am going out on a bit of a limb with this one – might be a success or it might be a complete flop! We’ll see! Will be using today’s prompt of sketching everyday tools as a nice back-up though. E x

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