printing press, pots of pencils and brushes, fern in pot

Creative Challenge| Sketching Tools & Equipment


Another 15 minute sketching challenge! Find your  concertina book (or your sketchbook or visual journal) and a pen or pencil and prepare to draw.


To spend 15 minutes sketching tools and equipment

jar filled with kitchen implements

You may have noticed that this week the challenge is loosely based around you, so today the 15 minute sketch challenge is about your tools and equipment – your pens and pencils, utensils from the kitchen, the contents of your toolbox, a tractor, sewing kit, printing press …

Gather your tools and equipment and spend fifteen minutes sketching them. Even if you think you can’t draw! You’re just trying to capture an impression.

Make large sweeping drawings and small detailed ones. Try drawing in one continuous line. Draw without taking your eyes away from the subject. Do one page where you layer your sketches one on top of another. At the end, see if you can draw from memory.

If you have more time

Add colour and detail to your sketches.

Look at your pages, particularly the one where you layered the drawings, to explore negative and positive spaces. Cut a small square in a piece of paper and use it to frame sections of your work to see patterns and shapes.

Use your sketches to produce a piece of work.

Have fun!

Do let us know what you’re creating in this year’s Challenge. Leave a comment below (with a link if you’re sharing online) or tag @Slamseys in Instagram.

Any questions? Please ask ...

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