seagull flying over wheat stubble field looking towards farm buildings

Creative Challenge | Same Time, Same Place


As we run the Slamseys Summer Creative Challenge in the same place at the same time each year, I make no apology for including Same Time Same Place again this year.

The Challenge is:

To create something around the theme of Same Time, Same Place


Sunflower in field with text below Same time Same Place using themes and prompts to improve your printmaking


Same time, same place might be a comfortable habit like your first cup of coffee every day or it might be the stultifying boringness of village life. It could be the pleasure of flicking through photos seeing babies grow to young adults as they stand next to the Christmas tree each year or sadness at the decline of an elderly relative. Make the theme your own.

Here are a few thoughts to get you started:

If you took part in the Creative Challenge last year, you could find some of the work you created and see how your skills have developed over time. You might find something in your sketchbook that’s been ignored for a year but now sparks your imagination or a piece that you could rework and improve.

If you visit the same place regularly, record the changes that take place over the weeks, months, seasons or even years. It could be something as small as a seedling in a pot or as large as a street or coastline.

Use overlays of opaque, translucent or transparent materials to add a feeling of time or place. Could you link this to the challenge of being creative with the 5Rs?

Chase the shadows or the sunshine around the house or garden through the day. See how they illuminate or mask different areas.

Gaze through a window from inside or out throughout the year.

Revisit places you once knew well. Does it make you happy or sad? Dig out some old photos or paintings and see if you can reproduce the view from the same position. What’s changed? The buildings, the landscape, people’s clothes, transport …

Take a street scene and reproduce it as a historical picture or in the future.

Look at something through different eyes – fit and healthy/frail and infirm, mouse/eagle, male/female, contemporary/classical artist, tourist/resident, toddler/adult …

Read Surely We Weren’t In The Same House At The Same Time if you think we all see things the same way.

Have Fun!

Any questions? Please ask ...

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