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Creative Challenge | Celebrate Your Creativity


Woman showing print to Jack Russel Terrier

I asked someone the other day how their golf was going as they’d been very keen, out on the course several times a week perfecting their swing or somesuch (I may have lost concentration during their detailed explanations). “Golf?” he said “I don’t play any more. I’ve wasted fourteen years of my life playing golf and I’ve had enough.”

My jaw dropped. It was a surprising statement. Not that he’d given it up but that he’d wasted fourteen years of his life. Over the years, I’ve had many enthusiasms, hobbies, pastimes, call them what you will, but not once would I say that I wasted my life pursuing them. I’ve enjoyed them and then drifted away because something new caught my eye. Sometimes I’ve gone back to them, sometimes not. No plans or strategies, just as life takes me.

Nowadays, particularly with the relentless pressure of social media, it seems as though we should always be busy, always focused, chasing dreams by setting goals.  Even for our hobbies and pastimes. If you jog, you should be training for a marathon, anyone writing a food blog should be chasing a cookery book deal and if you pick up a paintbrush your next step should be a gallery exhibition. If not, why bother with it all?

From the first prehistoric cave drawings, the need to be creative has been a part of being human. We should embrace it and enjoy it simply for its own sake. We don’t need to strive for excellence or world domination but for the love of learning a skill and getting better or simply because it makes us happy. We should follow our passion and enjoy it for its own sake.

When it comes down to it, that’s the point of our Creative Challenge. I hope that over the past few weeks you’ve been inspired to set a little time aside for doing something creative, whether you only got as far as sitting in a deck chair thinking about it or you embarked on a summer of creative projects.

You’re probably wondering what the Challenge is today.

The Challenge is:

To celebrate your creativity


woman holding up print of dog's nose next to Jack Russel terrier with pictures on wall behind

Display your creations whether that’s wearing/hanging on the wall/throwing over the sofa/insert as appropriate. Show them to your friends and family. And dog. Especially if he was your model. Admire your work and appreciate it.

Drag out your old equipment and have another go at a long forgotten hobby.

Improve or expand your skills by taking a class like these printmaking workshops at Slamseys.

Pass on a skill to someone else.

Have fun being creative. Always.


And that’s the end of the 2019 Challenge!

I hope you’ve enjoyed it and tried a few of the ideas. With luck, they’ll have acted as a springboard for your creative work and sent you flying in all sorts of directions. The Challenge will stay here on the Journal so you can come back at any time and maybe pick a challenge you didn’t try first time around or redo your favourites.

2 thoughts on “Creative Challenge | Celebrate Your Creativity

  1. There’s a great deal to be said for your reflections here. I find it sad that so many blogs, for example, which used to be happy amateur spaces that celebrated personal creativity and, along the way, wanted to share ideas and inspiration, have now become monetised and little short of “hard sell” sometimes. And yes, there’s this seemingly unwritten rule that you either have to be Michelangelo #2, commissioned to paint the Sistine Chapel, or don’t bother to pick up your paintbrush! I think it’s worth remembering that some of the best creativity comes from people who do it primarily for themselves. If others like what they do, that’s great and if they don’t, no matter. And quite a number of those considered to be great artists today were woefully lacking in recognition during the years of their output – Van Gogh is a classic example. Not always easy to keep that mindset though. Anyway thank you again for another wonderful set of challenge prompts – I have enjoyed every minute of them! E x

    1. As you say, not always easy to keep that mindset – but we should. So pleased that you’ve enjoyed the challenge. It’s been good to see how you’ve interpreted the prompts 🙂

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