Christmas bird decorations on Christmas tree

Christmas Trends 2019

Every year, retailers and journalists attempt to reinvent Christmas celebrations, trying to persuade us that avocado is the new Christmas turkey or that we should decorate our trees entirely with black feathers. Naturally, most of us ignore the more bizarre suggestions and just make a few tweaks to our tried and tested Christmas rituals.

Baubles, Christmas tree, chair with books, toy polar bear on sledge, printing press
Our Christmas Barns opened last week and these are the three Christmas decoration trends that we’ve noticed our customers are embracing this year. Spoiler alert : There are no avocados or black feathers.


It seems fashionable to start Christmas preparations in November and we weren’t altogether surprised that a few people arrived on the farm on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th November trying to buy a Christmas tree. While some garden centres were happy to sell trees that weekend, a tree taken into the house that early is not going to look its best by Christmas Day so we don’t start selling them that early.

As Christmas tree growers and sellers, our advice is to ignore the early start trend for fresh Christmas trees and follow this advice for when you should buy a Christmas treeand how to look after it when you take it home.

However, if you want the pick of the Christmas decorations, it’s best to get in early before the most popular lines sell out.


Many people are buying their first real Christmas tree this year because of their concern for the environment. According to the Carbon Trust, an artificial tree needs to be used for at least ten years to be less environmentally harmful that a real tree and if you send your real tree to be recycled, then the benefit to the environment is even greater.

hanging Christmas decoration on Christmas tree
Felt decoration by Felt So Good, Rings by Emily Adams, Christmas tree grown at Slamseys Farm

This year, there’s a strong trend for buying high quality decorations that will be brought out year after year, instead of the craze in previous years for a new colour scheme complete with cheap, new decorations each Christmas. Some of our customers are die hard glitter fans at Christmas time but glittering glass baubles and metal, wood and ethically produced felt decorations have been so popular that we’ve already sold out of some of our newly introduced ranges.

Printed book covers, Christmas cards and fabric bag by Claire Wall Designs
by Claire Wall Designs

The move to a more sustainable Christmas has led to a rethink of Christmas presents too. For the first year, we have a section in the barn for local makers and our customers have been snapping up the hand made ceramics, jewellery and prints. Fiona Humberstone’s Gifts for Entrepreneurs Guide features a section for courses and kits, which we’re delighted to feature in, as people want to give an experience or chance to be creative instead of giving more stuff.

Christmas wreath with traditional decorations

In line with the trend towards a more sustainable Christmas, fewer customers are completely revamping their colour schemes, but are introducing subtle changes. Add a pop of colour to your traditional red, gold and green baubles with new colours like copper, purple or bright pink with white for contrast to keep up with this year’s trend of bright party colours. Large baubles like the flat, retro inspired ones on the wreath bring it right up to date. This year, garlands are being hung vertically or used to frame a window or doorway instead of draping them horizontally along the mantelpiece.

Read our Guide to Decorating Your Christmas tree for tips about decorating your tree and keeping it looking at its best throughout the season.


There’s a growing move to creating a calming retreat for Christmas, far removed from the brash, overspending and over consumption of past decades.


This trend is all about simplicity, making and doing. Decorate your home with hand crafted decorations, perhaps made together with friends and family around the kitchen table.

Bowl and mug by A Simple Life
Bowl and Mug made by A Quiet Life

Set the scene with warm rugs, books and candlelight. Gather foliage from the garden (or buy faux garlands of rosehips and berries) and fill bowls with glass baubles or pinecones. Support makers by buying their products and listening to their stories instead of filling the home with mass produced goods with no provenance.

Christmas baubles 2019


Colours are muted with blush pinks still a favourite alongside antique effect glass angels and baubles. Alternatively, create a cool palette of colours with white and silver, replacing the traditional deep green of Christmas with pale jade and eucalyptus. Introduce pale green (real or faux) foliage and add sparkle with glass baubles.

This reflective trend celebrates sharing Christmas with friends and family and finding moments of comfort and joy.


collage of decorating the Christmas tree
No matter how carefully I pack away the Christmas tree lights, they’re always tangled when I get them out the next year.


Whichever trend you follow (or don’t follow), have fun decorating for Christmas.




Felt So Good

Slamseys Christmas Trees

8 thoughts on “Christmas Trends 2019

  1. Lovely Anne! Was it last year that llamas were trendy? And rose gold? Or maybe they still are…who knows? I love those sweet little birds in your first photo, my kind of decorations. Hand made or home cooked gifts are always my preference. I have worked hard this year to buy locally and support our local small businesses, makers and crafters. But I am yet to put up any decorations or do any baking…next week! Happy decorating x

    1. Llamas were everywhere last year and rose gold. Interestingly, they’re still popular this year – but then who could resist a cute looking llama? I’m sure your kitchen will soon be filled with a mass of hand baked delights.

  2. Just been doing a schools week for year two children about Christmas in the past. Very sustainable then. Just greenery, holly, berries and pine cones brought in from the outdoors. The odd real tree if you could afford it. And small hand made presents. Time we returned to the past I feel 🙂 B x

  3. Oh how I wish I lived near your barn – we only have garden centres here to buy decorations from unless we have a trip to John Lewis. I love the handcrafted blue bowl. I am limiting my choices this year to buying only wooden, metal or glass decor if any (though I am guilty of buying some shatter proof plastic coloured bulb decorations for my outdoor tree so they would survive the weather and hoping they will last a long time). I am also creating a much simpler Christmas this year – we already do a family ‘Not so Secret Santa’ which cuts down the present buying drastically and therefore waste in all respects from petrol to go to the shops, unwanted gifts and mounds of wrapping paper. We would never go back to buying a heap of presents for everyone and trailing around the shops weekend after weekend. Just going now to make my own cards! Have a lovely Christmas.x

    1. The blue bowl is gorgeous, as are all the ceramics that we have from A Quiet Life. Having a simpler Christmas makes life so much easier – I’m not sure how we all got sucked into that ‘everything has to be perfect and excessive’. Enjoy making your cards.

  4. I guess if you live long enough you see trends returning, a little like my wardrobe! Saving the planet reminds me of the 1970’s days of self sufficiency. It must be very difficult for you to know what to purchase for stock each year.

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