Lino printing tools

Would you like to learn Printmaking?

Are you curious about printmaking? Would you like to learn how to make a screen print? Perhaps you have fond memories of making lino prints at school and would like to have another go. Make this the year that you book a printmaking class and try it out.

Lino print "Buildings" by Abi Troy
Student Work. Buildings by Abi Troy

Our spring programme has classes for complete beginners, those with some printmaking experience and for confident printmakers. We also run a regular Print Club where local printmakers and artists can drop in and work independently on their own projects.

You don’t have to be good at drawing or even particularly arty to come on our printmaking courses. Most of our students are simply keen to learn another skill or develop a new hobby and many of the techniques we teach are easy to continue at home and share with the whole family.

Occasionally, we get people who are looking for a change of career and hope that printmaking might be their thing. Sometimes it is and we delight in watching them develop their new business. We often have teachers who want to take new ideas back to their classroom or who need to brush up their technique before teaching others.

Lately, we’ve noticed a growing number of people who are looking for ways to balance their lives, to escape from the routine of everyday life or counter stress and anxiety. Spending the day in a beautiful timber barn totally absorbed in the simple process of cutting a design into a piece of lino and making a print is a wonderfully meditative and enjoyable antidote to the busyness of modern life.

While we’d love all our students to be so enthused that they’ll keep printing at home or in the Print Club sessions, we understand that for some it’s enough to come to a few sessions for the company, a piece of cake and the joy of going home with something unique that they’ve created themselves.

Lino block printing with text If you'd like to learn printmaking book a class

New classes this spring include an updated Printing in Progress course where students are encouraged to develop their printmaking skills and creative thinking, Upcycle Fabric with Print and a Screen Printing class for parents and Under 18s to attend together.

Download our Course Brochure or visit our website to find and book onto a class.  

If you’re still unsure if a printmaking course is for you, read Ten Reasons Why You Should Take a Printmaking Course.

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