DIY envelopes lined with hand printed paper

The Easy Way to Make Lined Envelopes

I love getting a hand-written envelope in the post, particularly when it’s unexpected. There’s a moment’s hesitation before the envelope is opened. Is it an invitation? A catch up from a distant friend? Maybe I recognise the handwriting and wonder why that person’s writing to me. Sometimes the envelope is so beautifully decorated that I find a knife to open it carefully instead of ripping it open and spoiling it.

Four hand decorated envelopes with hand printed lining paper

These days, it’s so rare to send letters that it’s worth a little extra effort to make it special and personal. Instead of using a boring plain envelope, turn it into something more glamorous by adding a lining. It’s incredibly simple but makes a big difference.

All you need is an envelope and some decorative paper to line it.


If you’re using an existing envelope, simply lay your envelope on the back of the piece of lining paper, open the flap out and trace around the opened envelope.

Making tracing of envelope to make lining

Draw another outline about 1cm inside the original and cut it out. Flip the lining over and slip it into the envelope, making sure it lines up properly and then fold the flap of the envelope over, which will crease the lining in the correct place.

Showing where to glue the lining for an envelope

Open the flap of the envelope, leaving the lining folded over and glue the edges of lining as shown above. Fold the envelope flap down again, sticking it to the lining.

Red envelope with dark blue paste paper lining

You have a beautiful lined envelope.


DIY enveloope with lining before sticking together

If you have stacks of decorated papers, it’s simple to make your own envelopes following these instructions. Cut your paper using this envelope template, an Envelope Punch Board or open out an existing envelope and use it as a template. Cut the lining paper using the method above. Glue the lining to the envelope shape, then fold and stick the envelope as usual.


Match the envelopes and lining to create personalised stationery for different events.You could use Christmassy colours or patterns, match your colour theme for wedding invitations or use pages from a comic for a child’s birthday card.

Thin paper like tissue paper or origami paper can be used to line your envelopes but it’s a great chance to add your own personality by decorating your own paper. Use copy paper to hand print your own lining paper, doodle or paint a design. I used paste paper to line the red envelope above. It can also be a good time to use any reject or test prints that might otherwise be scrapped but would make a colourful lining.

Go on, make someone’s day! Write them a chatty letter and seal it in a personalised, lined envelope.


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