Introducing the 2020 Slamseys Creative Summer Challenge

It’s mid-July, so it’s almost time for the annual Slamseys Creative Summer challenge to spark some creativity.

What is the 2020 Slamseys Creative Summer Challenge?

This year we’re calling it The ABC Challenge.

pots of paint with text Creative Summer Challenge

A is for Alphabet

A bit of a theme for this year: The Alphabet. A rickety peg to hang our hat on.

B is for Boosting Creativity

The Creative Challenge is about nourishing a seed of inspiration to produce a bank of ideas for future projects or simply an excuse to play around with some ink and paint for the summer. Some seeds will make a good start and then wither from neglect while others might grow into a jungle of untamed thoughts and plans.

We will always be influenced by other people’s work (few ideas are completely original) but instead of slavishly copying, we should use our own experiences and creativity to make our own interpretation. To do this, we need to be active observers, not passive consumers, paying attention to what’s happening around us. The handwritten directions that drop from a map, an overheard conversation or a weed growing through a crack in the paving can all be catalysts for our creativity.

There is no magic creativity wand or self-help book that will turn you into a fabulously creative person overnight. You need to work at it.

Use the prompts and ideas to give your creativity a boost.

C is for Collaboration

Two people looking at prints

Lockdown and social distancing have been isolating in many ways and even though restrictions are being relaxed, life is not going to quickly snap back to how it used to be. The Creative Challenge could be a way for you to find imaginative ways to stay connected with friends, family or your local community within the social distancing rules.

Collaboration is a great way to boost creativity. We learn how to be flexible and co-operative. We have to work together and respect other people’s skill level and confidence whether we’re working alongside a five-year-old making a rocket from a kitchen roll tube or taking part in an adult quilting bee.

You may normally sketch, print or craft alone and be apprehensive about showing or sharing your work with someone else, but you might be surprised how good it is to collaborate. It can push you to work slightly out of your comfort zone and it feels good to be part of a team, even if there’s only two of you.  

How does the challenge work?

Over the next two weeks, we’ll give you creative prompts and projects for you to use as a springboard for doing something creative over the summer. There are no rules or schedules and no pressure to share online. Work through the challenge when you have the time and pick the ideas that appeal to you most.

What do you need for the challenge?

Artist's pencils, pens, brushes ready for use

There’s no need to rush out and buy lots of new supplies for the Creative Challenge. In fact, we’d like to encourage you to use those ‘special’ inks and ancient tubes of paint before they dry out. But sometimes the siren call of new and exciting art supplies is just too hard to resist!

When does the challenge start?

The Challenge starts on Monday. Sharpen your pencils and get ready to start!

4 thoughts on “Introducing the 2020 Slamseys Creative Summer Challenge

  1. Hooray! Looking forward to Monday already! The Slamseys creative Summer Challenge is always wonderful but this year even more welcome than usual – mining our seams of creativity has never been so important for staying positive and hopeful in these challenging and uncertain times when so much is still so far from normal. The next fortnight has just had a happy boost – thank you! E x

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