Slamseys Farm towards Grove Field

Welcome to Slamseys Journal

I grew up on a farm in the days when children disappeared outside after breakfast and returned home for meal times and we spent the school holidays making dens and playing in all sorts of unsuitable places, exploring the countryside on bikes and riding ponies. I wanted to be like the girls in the books I read, galloping their ponies through the sea and sleeping under the stars. However, I was more like the Thelwell cartoons – a small girl bouncing around on a fat little pony.

Then I grew up, married a farmer and still live on a farm. When I’m not dealing with admin work in the farm office (which rather bizarrely I enjoy), I can be found picking fruits for Slamseys Gin, trialling Slamseys Art printmaking courses or running errands for the farm, which often involves holding things.

Follow the country lane from Youngs End in North Essex and you’ll reach Slamseys Farm, where the Wheaton family live and farm. Alongside the traditional production of cereal crops such as wheat and barley, we’ve planted Christmas trees that are sold to the public in December, developed a range of fruit gins using flowers and berries picked on the farm and run printmaking workshops for creative people who want to expand their skills.

You can read here about some of the things that happen on the farm and a general celebration of modern country life. There is eating and drinking using plants, fruits and flowers gathered from the garden and hedgerows, some printmaking and other crafts, a look around some beautiful places in our neighbourhood and a marking of the passing seasons.

One of the best things about this blogging lark is the connections that spring up and develop, so please say hello in a comment. I always try to answer any questions but if I don’t respond to your comment it’s just that I can’t think of anything else to say but “thank you”. You can also contact me using this form.


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You can find out about Slamseys Fruit Gin, printing workshops and Christmas happenings on the Slamseys Farm Website and on Instagram.

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