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Follow the country lane from Youngs End in North Essex and you’ll reach Slamseys Farm, where the Wheaton family live and farm. Alongside the traditional production of cereal crops such as wheat and barley, we’ve planted Christmas trees that are sold to the public in December, developed a range of fruit gins using flowers and berries picked on the farm and run printmaking workshops for creative people who want to expand their skills.

There are posts that we hope will inspire your creative journey, whether you’re a printmaker, artist, crafter or pins and needles type person. Living in the beautiful English countryside, we’re heavily influenced by the seasons and the fields around the farm, which we share in the Journal. We also have plenty of tips and techniques for anyone new to printmaking, because we enjoy printmaking so much, we’d like everyone to have a go.


You can find out about Slamseys Fruit Gin, printing workshops and Christmas happenings on the Slamseys Farm Website

Looking for pretty pictures of the farm, countryside and printmaking? Check out our Instagram

We also both confess to a slight Pinterest habit where we have lots of information that you might find useful for printmaking or other creative hobbies.


Ruth’s interest in art has taken her around the world, working in the Australian outback, London’s Mayfair and now back home running printmaking courses at Slamseys Farm in Essex where she enjoys helping people discover how easy it is to create their own designs using simple printing processes. You can see some of Ruth’s printmaking here.

Anne has been caught up in Ruth’s enthusiasm for printmaking and is currently enthused with jelly printing. She also writes about farmlife and other stuff at Life in Mud Spattered Boots.

Ruth & Anne

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