Making Drawstring Bags

Screen print a design onto fabric and sew it into a drawstring bag. So many uses and so simple to do.

10 Collaborative Projects

It can be a bit daunting working with someone else if you’re used to doing your creative activies alone. Will they expect too much of me? What if they hate what I do? Will they try to micro-manage my contribution? And vice versa. Relax. Try our ten collaborative projects and see how much fun it is to work with someone else.

A New Direction

it’s been very strange here over the past few months. Farming carries on but there have been changes for the printmaking.

Finding Creative Inspiration

Times are strange and though we may be inching back to normality, things will never be the same. We’ve been forced to redefine our lives, to question our values and think about what makes us truly happy. For some people that means pursuing projects they’ve previously procrastinated over or trying new activities or giving free … Continue reading Finding Creative Inspiration