A Holiday at Home

  We’ve been playing the waiting game at Slamseys. Waiting for the wheat to fully ripen. Waiting for the rain to stop. Then waiting for the sun to shine. Waiting for the wheat to dry. Waiting for harvest to start. But this afternoon, the wheat had been declared fit to combine and soon the yard … Continue reading A Holiday at Home

Home Made Tonic Water

Gin is the drink of the moment with new distilleries popping up across the country and it was inevitable that a plethora of premium tonic waters would follow. Saccharine laden tonic water, served warm and slightly flat is so last century. Given the appearance of these new tonic waters, it might therefore seem odd to … Continue reading Home Made Tonic Water

Summer Fruit Loaf Cake

Summer has well and truly arrived and it’s good to be out in the sunshine picking fruit in the fruit field at Slamseys. It’s very meditative working your way along a row of raspberries on a sunny day; there may be a little searching under leaves and the odd wasp to avoid but there’s no … Continue reading Summer Fruit Loaf Cake


When I first started writing at Life in Mud Spattered Boots, I wanted to tell some of the story behind the food we eat; to show the journey from a grain of wheat planted

Welcome to Slamseys Journal

Hello! Welcome to Slamseys Journal. Thanks for dropping in. If you’ve followed the link to my new home from  Life in Mud Spattered Boots then you’ll find things pretty much the same, though at the moment the cupboards are bare. Like moving to any fresh place, there’s a little settling in to do as new things … Continue reading Welcome to Slamseys Journal