Quick Hand Printed Cards

I like to have a supply of cards printed and ready to send. It’s easy to cut a few foam shapes, stick them onto a piece of cardboard and start printing these colourful cards.

The Easy Way to Make Lined Envelopes

It’s so rare to send letters nowadays that it’s worth a little effort to make it extra special. A lined envelope is glamorous but incredibly simple to do.

Would you like to learn Printmaking?

Are you curious about printmaking? Would you like to learn how to make a screen print or cut lino? Make this the year that you book a printmaking class and try it out.

Christmas Trends 2019

Every year, retailers and journalists attempt to reinvent Christmas celebrations, trying to persuade us that avocado is the new Christmas turkey or that we should decorate our trees entirely with black feathers. These are the trends our customers are embracing this year. Spoiler alert […]

Making Printmaking Greener

The issues around climate change and the environment are complex and trying to find the right way to be greener can be overwhelming.
How we’re making our printing classes greener
Ideas for greener printmaking
Looking at printmaking from a greener perspective

How to Plan your Craft Workshop

If you’re a creative, artistic or crafty person, there are lots of reasons why you should run your own craft workshop. If you have a skill to share and want to know how to start teaching your craft, here are some tips for planning a your first class.