A Creative Summer

Our challenge this year is to make a regular habit of being creative. Use the challenge to spark your imagination and build a regular habit of creative practice.

Waste Matters

You might not be surprised that there is a great deal of chatter during the printmaking sessions in The Barley Barn, though at times you can hear a pin drop, so intense is the concentration. In one of these sessions, conversation turned to the waste we produce with our printmaking. Before us was a pile … Continue reading Waste Matters


As we hurtle towards the end of the year (how did that happen?) here are some things you might like to do in December. MAKE SPACE As we rush through December, we often need to make space: to accommodate guests or hide gifts, for extra food or to display Christmas decorations. This makes December a … Continue reading THINGS TO DO IN DECEMBER

Things to enjoy in November

November can be a little grey and dismal, with overcast skies and darkness falling a little earlier each day but there are plenty of things to enjoy in November whether you’re out with friends or savouring a little solitude.     Here are five ways to enjoy this month.   CELEBRATE BONFIRE NIGHT   Remember, … Continue reading Things to enjoy in November