Things to do in October

As we creep into October, there’s a definite chill in the air when the sun goes down and it begins to feel more like autumn. Here’s five things to enjoy in October.

Things to do in September

September is a wonderful month in the UK, as late summer tips into autumn. The lazy days of high summer are over and it’s time to slip on a sweater for early morning walks, find a sunny spot to sit in instead of a shady place and plan ahead for autumn. Here are our favourite things to do this month.

Creative Recycling

Call us environmentally friendly, frugal or just tight-fisted but we can’t bear to throw away paper that might have another use and have devised a few creative recycling ideas for the scrap paper.

Snippets of happiness | spring

It always surprises me how much the colour of something can be affected by its surroundings or the colours it’s placed next to or by the light.

Keep What You Love

Spring has arrived. The violets and primroses are in flower, tiny buds are forming on the hedgerows and the fields are drying out. Best of all, today the sun is shining. (Heavy rain and overnight frosts are forecast for the rest of the week but I’m ignoring that.) With the advent of spring there was … Continue reading Keep What You Love