Collect, Inspire, Create

Collect, inspire and create in October or should I change the title?   We’ve been collecting autumnal things to decorate The Barley Barn and Ruth has been running autumn themed printmaking workshops for which her students bring in things that remind them of autumn to inspire their printmaking. One person got out her great granny’s … Continue reading Collect, Inspire, Create

Hip, Hip, Hoorah

The rosehips in the hedgerows and garden are ready to pick. There are deep red round rosehips on the Rosa Rugosa and large round, orange rosehips on The Generous Gardener bush in the garden. Brightly coloured oval rosehips grow in various hedges around the farm. It seems a shame not to use them somehow. Here’s … Continue reading Hip, Hip, Hoorah

Making the most of blackberries

At this time of year, there are blackberries to be found all over the place, from the slightly run down corner of the car park in town, in the country park or in the hedgerows around the farm. Food for free. Who can resist?