Enjoying the month of May

May is such a wonderful month. Everywhere feels vibrant and alive and it’s no surprise that the Barley Barn is buzzing with creativity.

A January Day

Today has been sunny and bright, but the icy wind as been as sharp as the thorns on the blackberry bush.   Consequently, my walk with the dog this morning was brisk, apart from careful negotiation over this sleeper that forms a bridge across a ditch but looks as though it will give way at … Continue reading A January Day

All change for Autumn

It’s taken a while for autumn to arrive. Every time we had a few cooler days and thought it was autumn, the weather has changed again and we’ve peeled off our sweaters to revel in yet more shirt sleeve weather.   But now it looks like autumn as the leaves turn colour and drop to … Continue reading All change for Autumn

Summer time

As the hot summer weather and harvest at Slamseys continues, it’s time to pop out with the camera and take some photographs for our Visual Journal. Tractors and trailers are bringing back the grain from the fields to tip into the grainstore.   After combining, the straw is baled up and will soon be carted … Continue reading Summer time


  Lately, we have had a spell of hot, sunny days. Lovely as it it to wake each day to a cloudless sky, we need some rain as there was none at all in June and the crops are suffering. Talk amongst the farmers at a party yesterday was that it will deluge just before … Continue reading Lately

Stop and Smell the Roses

  Sometimes, it seems that everybody is in a rush. They have too much to do and not enough time to do it. Busy, busy, busy. Ask someone how they are and the default answer is “Busy”.  Interestingly, the follow up question of “Busy doing what?” sometimes reveals that they’re just busy being busy. But … Continue reading Stop and Smell the Roses