A Posset of Roses

Small cups of deliciously rose flavoured posset. Taste sublime but ridiculously easy to make. #roses #summerfood

A Good Walk

In May, the lure of exploring new places with bluebell woods and blossom laden hedgerows is hard to resist and if fine weather is forecast, the maps are soon pulled out and routes planned for a good walk.

Royal Wedding Flash Post

Look what’s appeared in one of the grass paddocks at Slamseys ahead of the Royal wedding tomorrow! #flashpost 2

Hawthorn | Death, Sex and Food

There are all sorts of superstitions attached to hawthorn and though the scent of hawthorn flowers can be offputting, you can eat hawthorn blossom, leaves and berries.

Why it’s the best time of year to make Stinging Nettle Scones

Spring is the best time to make Stinging Nettle Scones because you need to use young, tender leaves and not the tough stringy plants of late summer. Did you know that nettles are so fibrous that they can be used to make fabric? That’s why you need young plants for these scones.

Snowy flashpost

We have snow. And a chilling wind that makes it feel like -11C. The sort of day that you tuck your shirt into your knickers so there’s no gaps for the wind to whistle in. The wind is whistling around the house and the sky is grey and leaden with more snow forecast today. On … Continue reading Snowy flashpost