A January Diary

January 2018 Realised that visitors to Slamseys Journal are still being wished a Happy Christmas. Resolved to remedy situation but nothing to write about. Decided to wait for exciting event. Back to work in the New Year. Rather depressing to walk into the glitz and sparkle of Christmas decorations when it’s all over. Took several … Continue reading A January Diary

These Autumn Days

The brown fields of early October are slowly changing colour. Walk the fields with a farmer and you’ll watch them search the field for the first signs of germination, scrabbling around with their hands to see if there’s still a seed there and if it’s starting to shoot.  Soon there’s a slight green tinge to … Continue reading These Autumn Days

Hip, Hip, Hoorah

The rosehips in the hedgerows and garden are ready to pick. There are deep red round rosehips on the Rosa Rugosa and large round, orange rosehips on The Generous Gardener bush in the garden. Brightly coloured oval rosehips grow in various hedges around the farm. It seems a shame not to use them somehow. Here’s … Continue reading Hip, Hip, Hoorah