Michaelmas Day predictions

Today is Michaelmas Day, which was once an important quarter day in the farming calendar. Here in the east of England where arable farms predominate, Michaelmas was the time when farms changed hands and tenancies began or ended. Harvest was finished and the ground was being prepared for planting the new year’s crops so it … Continue reading Michaelmas Day predictions

Making the most of blackberries

At this time of year, there are blackberries to be found all over the place, from the slightly run down corner of the car park in town, in the country park or in the hedgerows around the farm. Food for free. Who can resist?

All is is Safely Gathered In

Harvest has always been the most important part of the farming calendar, being the culmination of the year’s work and financial investment.


When I first started writing at Life in Mud Spattered Boots, I wanted to tell some of the story behind the food we eat; to show the journey from a grain of wheat planted

Welcome to Slamseys Journal

Hello! Welcome to Slamseys Journal. Thanks for dropping in. If you’ve followed the link to my new home from  Life in Mud Spattered Boots then you’ll find things pretty much the same, though at the moment the cupboards are bare. Like moving to any fresh place, there’s a little settling in to do as new things … Continue reading Welcome to Slamseys Journal