A New Direction

it’s been very strange here over the past few months. Farming carries on but there have been changes for the printmaking.

5 Inspiring Lino Artists

Are you looking for some linocut inspiration? Here are my favourite five inspiring artists working with lino. Follow the links to see more of their work or follow them on Instagram.

Printmaking for Children

some parents are apprehensive about printing at home with their children, so we’ve put together some tips for parents and some printmaking activities you might like to try

Would you like to learn Printmaking?

Are you curious about printmaking? Would you like to learn how to make a screen print or cut lino? Make this the year that you book a printmaking class and try it out.

Making Printmaking Greener

The issues around climate change and the environment are complex and trying to find the right way to be greener can be overwhelming.
How we’re making our printing classes greener
Ideas for greener printmaking
Looking at printmaking from a greener perspective