Printing In Progress

  Do you struggle to come up with original ideas for your printmaking? Is it difficult to find time to develop those initial thoughts, to experiment and finally make successful prints? Is your planning a little haphazard? Did you just exclaim “Planning? What planning?” or am I the only one who makes a print only … Continue reading Printing In Progress

A Beginner’s Guide to Drypoint Etching

Drypoint is an intaglio technique for producing prints by etching a plate, applying and wiping off ink and running through an etching press. This page has been updated. Read Drypoint for Beginners in our Printmaking section. Details of all our printmaking workshops are on the Slamseys website.

Enjoying the month of May

May is such a wonderful month. Everywhere feels vibrant and alive and it’s no surprise that the Barley Barn is buzzing with creativity.

How to Find Creative Inspiration – The Slamseys Workbook

Do you struggle to find ideas for printmaking or creative projects? Do you need a boost? Would a few prompts and strategies for building creative habits help? Then download the Slamseys E-Book “How to Find Creative Inspiration” today.