Why didn’t I know that?

How many times do you read something and wonder why you didn’t know that before? It happens to me all the time. Sadly, when I share these revelations with my family, they all too often shrug their shoulders and tell me that it’s old news or ask why anyone would want to know or care. … Continue reading Why didn’t I know that?

Happy Christmas!

  This morning we open the Christmas Barn for the last time this year. There’s only a handful of Christmas trees left, the decorations are looking very depleted and today our customers are collecting their Christmas turkeys.

Was that summer?

Apart from a few glorious weeks in June, summer 2017 was a bit damp and despite my hopes for an Indian summer, autumn is creeping in at speed. The hedgerows are splashed with the red of rosehips and hawthorn berries and soon the leaves on the trees will change colour and fall to the ground.