Welcome to Slamseys Journal

Welcome to Slamseys Journal

Hello! Welcome to Slamseys Journal. Thanks for dropping in.

If you’ve followed the link to my new home from  Life in Mud Spattered Boots then you’ll find things pretty much the same, though at the moment the cupboards are bare. Like moving to any fresh place, there’s a little settling in to do as new things are introduced and a few old favourites are moved across.


If I keep to my plan and don’t get side-tracked, you can read here about some of the things that happen on the farm and a general celebration of modern country life.  There will be eating and drinking using plants, fruits and flowers gathered from the garden and hedgerows, some printmaking and other crafts, perhaps a look around some beautiful places in our neighbourhood and a marking of the passing seasons. And other things.


Follow the country lane from Youngs End in North Essex and you’ll reach Slamseys Farm, home to our family where each generation puts their stamp on the farm. Alongside the traditional production of cereal crops such as wheat and barley, our family have planted Christmas trees that are sold to the public in December, developed a range of fruit gins using flowers and berries picked on the farm and run printmaking workshops for creative people who want to expand their skills.


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