Decorating trends Christmas 2017 hand made

What’s new for Christmas decorations in 2017? We started our search for the best Christmas decorations in January so have seen thousands over the year. Here are four of our favourite Christmas decoration trends for 2017.


Christmas decoration trends 2017 jewel colours
Metallic colours are big this year. They’ve been inching their way in and this year they’re the stars of the show with rose gold, pewter, brass and copper complemented by inky blue, dark plum, ivy green and slate grey. Textured finishes mixed with shiny and sparkly baubles against a backdrop of velvet, brocade and candlelight create an opulent and glamorous atmosphere. Interesting geometric shaped baubles add interest.


Christmas decoration trends 2017 white
As ever, white is super popular. This year, white and green pair together for a slight departure from the white and red that’s been around for the last few years while the winter white, silver and ice blue combination remains a cool attraction. A few iridescent baubles and pale pastel colours complete the look.


The natural world is a perennial influence. This year, llamas have cantered into town to join the favourite animal woodland creatures such as squirrels, owls and other birds, hedgehogs and reindeer. Wooden baubles, hessian, cones, fruits and berries provide an earthy background while gold and silver acorns add a little sparkle.


In line with the ongoing enthusiasm for hand crafting, the hand-made look is everywhere. Knit your own baubles, burn a design onto a slice of wood or buy a kit to hand print your own gift tags or fill clear baubles with glitter, sweets or seeds. You can find more ideas for filling baubles here. Alternatively, if you want the look but don’t want to make your own, there’s a multitude of felt animals reflecting the hand-made look. We love this dog and mouse.

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