hand made Christmas tree bauble

Some of the projects for a hand-made Christmas can be a bit daunting. This is a project to fill your own Christmas baubles to hang on the Christmas tree. It involves no more than filling a clear bauble with something pretty, which makes it a perfect Christmas craft to do with children.

To start with, you need a clear, plastic bauble that you can buy from a Christmas shop like Slamseys Christmas Barn or from a craft shop.

Find a piece of pretty ribbon or string for a more rustic decoration and then fill your  bauble.

For hanging on the tree your bauble can be filled with glitter confetti and sparkles. Sugar or salt can be used for a snowy landscape or, if you have a steady hand, a metallic pen or glitter glue can be used to make patterns or writing.

Simplest of all is to snip off a piece of Christmas tree or slip in a pretty feather.


Make Your Own Paper Filled Christmas Baubles

Paper filled baubles are super easy to make.


Winding strips of paper around a pencil to make paper filled Christmas baubles

Take strips of paper, wind them tightly around a pencil. We use scrap paper from printmaking and art projects and put it through the shredder to get narrow strips. Alternatively, you might use sheet music, pages from a book or write messages or dreams onto wider strips.

Poke your paper strips into the empty bauble, moving them around with a skewer if they don’t sit quite right.


We also thought they’d make great little presents. Fill a bauble with layers of cocoa and sugar for a DIY Hot Chocolate gift that can be hung from the tree. Use wooden beads that can be tipped out to make a necklace. We collected seeds from the coriander plants in the garden and used a funnel to pour them into a bauble so they can be sown next spring.

dried flower bauble


Dried lavender and rose petals that could be used afterwards in sachets for the wardrobe.


You can fill your own Christmas baubles with buttons, ribbons, Christmas spices, mini tape measures, sweets, mini pompoms … it’s an endless list so long as it can be poked through the neck of the bauble.