Do you have an enthusiasm to be creative but lack inspiration?

Perhaps you often end up copying someone else’s work because you can’t think of an original idea. Maybe you just need a spark to set you off on a creative journey. Then read on, because we may be able to help you.

The Slamseys Challenge for summer 2018 was to create a visual journal of the summer, either as a record of the summer or using it to develop a skill or build a bank of ideas to use in the future.

The challenge is certainly not prescriptive. Choose any medium for this challenge and decide how challenged you’d like to be! Use the themes and prompts to guide you or simply as a springboard.

It might not be summer in your part of the world, but you can do this challenge at any time of year. In fact, it might be fun to try it in different seasons to see how different your journal looks.

Who can do the Challenge?

Anyone! Everyone!
Creative people wanting a challenge
Printmakers on our courses at Slamseys, who are looking for inspiration
Families who like a project for the summer holidays
Artists, photographers, sewers, knitters, potters, bloggers …

But it’s not summer now!

You can do this challenge at any time of the year. In fact, it might be fun to try it and different times of year to see how different your journal turns out.

Are there any rules?

There are absolutely no rules. Take the challenge in whichever direction you desire and make your own rules.

What shall I put in my visual journal?

A record of your days
Your response to events, places or people
Your feelings and thoughts
Plans and ideas
Experiments with your craft
Whatever you wish.

Where do I start?

At the beginning …

Be Prepared – Sorting out your visual journal

Make a Mark – Ideas for making your blank pages look less intimidating

A Different Perspective – Looking at things a different way

Act Like a Tourist – Be a tourist in your own town (or someone else’s)

Same Time, Same Place – Ways to make art linked to places and time