Paper pompoms are bold and bright, making them perfect for decorating a space. Use them for parties, weddings and Christmas or just to brighten a dreary day.

Easy instructions for making tissue paper pompoms

Most of the packs of tissue paper (in the UK) contain sheets approximately 75 x 50 centimetres, so cut 6 sheets in half for the dimensions below. Make them one colour or multi-coloured, patterned or plain. The instructions below are for a fringed pom pom, but you can scallop the edges or cut them into a point to make paper pom poms that look a bit like giant flower heads.



You will need:

12 sheets of coloured tissue paper, each approximately 38 x 50 centimetres



To make tissue paper pom poms concertina fold the tissue paper

Lay your tissue paper in a pile (portrait orientation) and starting at the top or bottom, concertina fold them with about 8 centimetres between each fold. Don’t crease the folds, just leave the concertina loose.

To make paper pom poms tie the string around the paper and fan out

Take your string and tie it around the middle of the folded paper. The paper should be held firmly, but not scrunched up. Tie a loop in the loose end of the string, which you will use to hang your pompom. Fan your paper out.

Cut a fringe along the tissue paper

Make cuts about 4cms long down the edge of the paper, making a fringe. Don’t make the cuts too long or you’ll end up with paper everywhere and find it hard to separate the last layers. You can always snip (carefully!) at the end.

Making pom poms with tissue paper

Take the fringed edge of the top piece of tissue paper and gently tease it upwards, along the folds towards the string.

Tissue paper pom pom Mohican

Do the same with the other half, so that it looks as though your paper has a Mohawk haircut.

Making tissue paper pom poms first layers

Now, flip the whole thing over and repeat with the underside.

Do the same with each piece of paper, flipping over as you finish each layer. You might prefer to do the top half first and then flip over and do the bottom half, but I find it easier to work both halves together.

DIY Tissue Paper Pom Pom

When all your layers have been separated, fluff them so they’re evenly spread out and scrunch the paper a little to make a ball shape.

If you want a little more fringing, snip with your scissors or tear the paper.

Tissue Paper Pom Pom

Find the loop of string and use it to hang your paper pompom. Stand back and admire!

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