This year, we’ve taken up the hand-made theme in the Christmas Barn, making loads of  paper decorations including snowflakes to decorate the windows and hanging hand-made pom poms from the ceiling to give a splash of colour.

We’ve been making two types of paper snowflakes. The flat paper snowflakes are light and ethereal, catching the slightest breeze. The concertina snowflakes are a bit more solid but look wonderful made with slightly transparent, patterned paper.

Make Paper Snowflakes


Flat paper snowflake red background

You will need a square of tissue paper and a pair of scissors.

Making flat paper snowflake step 1

Fold you tissue paper on the diagonal.

Making flat paper snowflake step 2


Making flat paper snowflake step 3

Fold the two corners into the centre.

Making flat paper snowflake step 4

Snip the points off to leave a triangle.

Making flat paper snowflake step 5

Fold in half again and hold the layers together as you snip your shapes into the triangle, remembering not to cut all the way across. Make a test one first to see how much you need to cut away. I love the lacy effect when you cut out big areas, but it makes the snowflake less stable if you hang it.

Making flat paper snowflake step 6

When you’ve finished, stick them to the window or wall. Hang them so they catch the breeze.

Make them in different colours and sizes and layer them. The smaller the snowflake, the more intricate you can make the design..


Concertina Paper Snowflake

I like to make these concertina snowflakes from plain or patterned tissue paper, baking parchment or thin paper that’s been used for jelly printing. They’re slightly more substantial than the flat snowflakes and look pretty hung on the Christmas tree or suspended so that they twirl in the breeze.

For a small concertina snowflake, you will need:

Strip of tissue paper – 35cms x 5cms

Needle and thread

Bulldog clip

Glue stick

Making concertina paper snowflake step 1

Lay your strip of tissue paper in front of you and make concertina folds along the length.

Making concertina paper snowflake step 2

Hold the folds together with a bulldog clip. Using a threaded needle, push through all the layers at one end and making the loop quite loose (see the photo) knot the thread. Snip the paper to make a point at the threaded end and make a diagonal cut at the other end.

Making concertina paper snowflake step 3

Now cut out the shapes, making sure that you go through all the layers. Use a punch to make holes or shapes.

Making concertina paper snowflake step 4

Carefully fan out your tissue paper and glue the two ends together to make a circle. If you want to hide the centre, stick a small circle of paper to hide the knotted thread.

Hang your snowflake by threading the needle through the paper near the edge of the circle.

Make larger snowflakes by using two strips of paper, each making a semi-circle and stick them together. If you want to make larger snowflakes by using larger sheets of paper, decide on the diameter of the circle you want. Multiply the diameter by 3.14 and add at least 5 cms to allow for the folds and sticking the ends together and you have the length of paper you need. The width of the strip will need to be half the diameter. At last, a use for some of the maths we learnt at school! Circumference = π x diameter.

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