Choosing a Christmas tree can be a wonderful experience and families often start the festive celebrations by donning their Christmas sweater and heading out together to choose a tree. Customers have been coming to our farm for over forty years to buy their Christmas tree and our philosophy is simple: we want to help everybody choose the best tree for their home or workplace.

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Here are our Six Tips for Choosing a Wonderful Christmas Tree.

Paper collage of three figures in front of trees with text 6 tips for choosing the best Christmas tree

Measure up

Work out where your tree will stand and measure the width and height of the space available. It’s best to keep your tree in a cool room where it won’t get bashed about too much. You can find more information on our Decorating Your Christmas Tree page.

Take your tape measure with you when you buy your tree as it can be hard to accurately judge the size of a tree standing in a huge warehouse or out in the plantation. Remember that your tree stand will raise the height of your tree a little and you need to allow for your tree topper. You can always trim your tree a little to fit the space or improve the shape, but it’s a shame if you have to lop off a metre all round.

Which tree?

Decide which type of tree is best for your home. In recent years, the Nordman Fir has become our customers’ favourite Christmas tree. The Nordman Fir has dark green glossy foliage with soft needles that make it ideal in homes with young children or pets. The Nordman Fir also has good needle retention, which means there are very few needles to sweep up.

The Norway Spruce is the traditional Christmas tree with a wonderful smell and triangular shape. Norway Spruce trees are best kept where they won’t be constantly knocked and care must be taken not to let them dry out. The Norway Spruce is the most popular tree for placing outdoors.

Find a good retailer

A good Christmas tree farm will help you choose your tree and will offer a good range of sizes of premium grade trees in many different shapes. Never buy from a seller who sells their trees in nets as you can’t see the shape or quality. You can find a list of British growers and sellers at British Christmas Tree Growers Association.

Don’t buy your real Christmas tree too early

Christmas celebrations seem to get earlier every year, with photos appearing on social media from November or even earlier but we recommend that you wait until at least the first weekend of December to buy your real Christmas tree. Trees are living things and it’s a bit much to expect them to sit in a hot house for weeks and still look wonderful for Christmas Day.

Get your Christmas tree home

Christmas tree netting machine

When you find your tree, give it a shake and run your hand along the branches. If heaps of needles fall to the floor, reject it and choose another. Your tree seller should wrap your tree in netting (using a machine similar to the photo above), which will make it easier for you to take your tree home without damaging it. Clear a space in the car for the Christmas tree and protect your car upholstery with an old sheet or blanket.

Before you take your Christmas tree inside

At home, saw a slice off the bottom of the trunk, remove the netting and stand the tree outside in a bucket of water for a few hours. The longer you can keep your tree outside in water, the fresher it will look on Christmas Day.

When you take your tree inside, put it in a stand that holds water and remember to keep the water topped up throughout December. Now you’re ready to decorate your tree and make it look even more wonderful! If you need some inspiration, read our tips for decorating your Christmas tree.

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