If you have a particular printing project in mind, or none of the images in the Design Library are quite right for you, you can have a custom screen made and posted out to you.

What are Ready to Print Mini Screens?

There are lots of benefits of a Mini Screen over traditional photo-stencil methods:

  • Completely non-toxic process
  • Small enough to print on the kitchen table
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre screens in an acrylic frame for easy printing
  • No clamps, equipment or chemicals required
  • Each screen is reusable for hundreds of prints
  • Can be used for printing on fabrics and paper
  • No expensive set-up costs

Find out more about Ready to Print Mini Screens.

Image Suitability

You can make a screen from drawings, doodles, graphic marks, text and sketches. Designs can include fine details and lines as well as larger blocks of colour. Take a look at some of pre-made screens for inspiration.

The image you send in is the image that will print when you use the screen, so make sure you check your design for any unwanted marks.

Black and White Images Only

Images for your custom screen must be Black and White only (no shades of grey). Mini Screens can only be used to print one colour at a time.

Image Quality

Hand drawn images should be scanned into the computer, rather than photographed.

Scanned images and digital images should be set at a high resolution of 300 dpi and saved as a Jpeg file.


All artwork sent in for custom screens must either be designed and created by you, be copyright free, or you must have permission to use it (you will need to be able to send on this permission in order for me to make the screen).

How do I send you my design?

Please feel free to email me with questions about your image before ordering to check suitability. You can pay for your custom screen via the website. Once I have received the payment I will email you to confirm the details. Please reply to this email with your design attached, if you haven’t already sent it through before ordering.

Tips for designing a custom screen

The blog is full of ideas for finding inspiration for creative projects – take a look at these posts. As a starting point, I recommend working on a visual journal to record your ideas and trying to find a little time to be creative every day.

You can also:

  • flick through an old sketchbook
  • make some drawings from holiday photographs, or
  • do some quick 30 second doodles.

What surfaces can I print onto?

Read the guides on how to print with your Mini Screen

Use your Custom Ready to Print Screen to print onto papers and textiles including:

  • t-shirts, babygrows and clothing
  • tote bags, bread bags and kitchen textiles
  • packaging, cardboard and notebooks
  • wood and MDF
  • cards, bunting and invitations
  • decorations, wedding favours and thank you notes

What other tools, equipment and materials do I need to start screen printing at home?

  • lightweight squeegee or an old credit card
  • Fabric ink for textile projects
  • Screen printing ink for paper projects (either choose a pre-mixed ink, such as Permaprint or Speedball Acrylic Screen Printing Inks, or mix your own acrylic paint with printing medium)
  • Find out more about Mini Screen Craft Kits

How is my Custom Screen sent out to me?

  • The image is digitally burned into the screen printing mesh and is then fixed into an acrylic mount to make it easy for you to hold and print with (read the printing guides)
  • The framed screen is then sent to you with Royal Mail in a cardboard envelope (Find out more about shipping)